Reporting Numerical Results – A Book that Works

If you work with statistics, one of the great challenges that you may have faced is how to write up results in a coherent and efficient manner.

Here is a great source for you!  This book is a short, comprehensive, and invaluable resource:   From Numbers to Words by Susan E. Morgan, Tom Reichert, and Tyler R. Harrison (Allyn & Bacon, 2002).

While I can assure you we will never present a book like this at the First Friday Book Synopsis,  because it would induce sleep – for anyone who worries over how to present findings from a statistical test in a written report, this is a crown jewel.

The book covers practically every possible statistical test.  For each, you will learn what to report, the key syntax, and the suggested format.  The book includes excerpts from articles that have used the statistic.

And, it does all this in 125 pages!

As part of my responsibilities as an adjunct professor in the College of Business at the University of Dallas, I teach MBA students a course in Research Methods.  How to write up statistical results is the most frustrating and time-consuming endevaor they face.  I have now required this book for the past two terms, and have seen great results.

I commend it to you – if you are a numbers-person.


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