What will you read this summer? – Here are some current suggestions, and one relatively modern “classic”

People apparently like the idea of a summer reading list. I know I do…

Maybe some of what we read should be for fun, and escape. But summer is also a chance to catch up on some “serious” reading.

Recently, J. P. Morgan released its recommending reading list compiled for its top, wealthiest clients. I read about it here: Here’s What J.P. Morgan Thinks Its Rich Clients Should Read This Summer by Leah Mcgrath Goodman.

The Third WaveWe’ve presented synopses of a few of these at the First Friday Book Synopsis: The Third Wave by Steve Case (a book worth reading for its perspective, and its optimism), Originals by Adam Grant; (another good reminder to keep working on being original; the operative word is “working”); Grit, from Angela Duckworth. (Actually, we haven’t presented this yet; Karl Krayer will present his synopsis at our July 8 gathering).

Some of the other books on the J. P. Morgan list are new to me, but certainly sound like they are worth reading.

But I would like to add one more idea. In addition to a good novel, and at least one of these “serious” books, why not tackle a nonfiction “classic” — you know, a book that, though not new, is definitely worth reading – especially if you have never read it.

Amusing Ourselves to DeathHere’s my suggestion: in this media bashing, political season, order a copy of Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. Written in 1985, it sounds utterly prescient.

That’s my thought. What would you put on your summer reading list/stack/kindle/iPad? Good reading!

Want to learn about some of these in a “quick” way, and save your reading time for other selections? You can purchase  my synopsis of Originals at our companion site, 15minutebusinessbooks.com.  The Third Wave will be available soon and Grit soon after that.  We have many other business books synopses to choose from:  Team of Teams; Extreme Ownership; Deep Work; Lean In; and many, many others… Each synopsis comes with a comprehensive multi-page handout, and the audio recording of our presentation.


One thought on “What will you read this summer? – Here are some current suggestions, and one relatively modern “classic”

  1. I would rather read a good book; and see a good movie.

    But, I don’t have time to read them all. And, maybe, a book synopsis can help me learn some useful & usable transferable principles; and then I can read a different great book.

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