Learning to Do a Few Things Really Well (Thoughts on Corporate Citizenship) – Another Good Morning at Success North Dallas

Panel, Success North DallasThis morning, they had a wonderful panel of speakers at Success North Dallas, focusing on “The New Face of Corporate Citizenship.” The panel was moderated by Connie Glover (World Ventures), and included Kirsten Gappelberg (Mary Kay), Gwyneth Lloyd (World Ventures), and Debra Benton (Southwest Airlines).

To put it simply, Corporate Citizenship has a lot to do with employees working together to meet real human needs.

From the panel as a whole, here are a couple of key thoughts:

#1 – Do a few things really well. There was agreement that a company needs to focus its efforts on doing a few things, really well, and get away from doing too many things (not as well).

#2 – Therefore, a company has to ask “Where will we focus our resources?” Because, if you decide to do a dew things really well, that is where the resources need to go – into those few efforts/goals.

Brand & Reputation
Click on image for full view

And, here was an especially helpful way to think about some of the “why” behind such actions, mentioned first by Debra Benton, and picked up on by others. Marketing enhances Brand, and Corporate/Social Responsibility enhances Reputation. (see my handwritten capture of this; yes, I know about my poor handwriting).

This was a helpful, useful panel that did a good job of communicating the idea of and challenge of corporate citizenship, and calling us all to a higher purpose.

But, as I left, I could not escape the thought that there is so much human need; always, so much human need…

Thanks again to Bill Wallace and his Success North Dallas team for another meeting worthy of our time.


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