Inspirational Post on Faith Now Available

I don’t usually send people to other sites from our blog, and this has been an all-business blog since we started it, but I wanted to call your attention to a new post on faith that may inspire you today.

The post is by Carmen Coreas, one of our speakers at Creative Communication Network, who has her own spiritual blog.

If you wish, you can subscribe to her blog by following these steps:  go to the very bottom of the blog, and at the bottom, you will see a box that says “Follow Blog via e-Mail.”  Click there, type in your e-Mail, and you are finished in just a moment after you register.  You will be on her list from that point forward.  This works on mobile devices as well as on PC’s and laptops.

You can click on the link below for today’s post on faith:

Click the link below for all her posts:

I think you will find her posts to be very genuine and inspirational.  CarmenTowerClubDinnerPictureCropped

NOTE:  If you would like to have a booklet, entitled “Much Love,” containing her posts, send your name and physical address to me at:




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