Active, Attentive Learning at the First Friday Book Synopsis

I noticed something last Friday. Oh, I’ve seen it before, but this time the reality just kind of sunk in

Look at any group, at any speech or workshop, and you will see audience members doing a number of different things. Listening intently; sometimes looking at their workbooks; some, even, checking their phone (let’s call these folks the disengaged…).

But, at out monthly First Friday Book Synopsis, practically every participant in attendance has the book synopsis handout open to the precise page that Karl or I are speaking about — and they stay with us, page-by-page.

In other words, they are utterly engaged in the learning process of the First Friday Book Synopsis.

Learning at the First Friday Book Synopsis, June, 2016
Learning at the First Friday Book Synopsis, June, 2016

Take a look at this photo – notice the number of people with pens in hand, and papers (our handouts), in front of their eyeballs. That’s our audience – listening to the speaker, following along in their copy of the handout.

At the First Friday Book Synopsis, our goal has always been to let the author, and the books, speak to the audience. We do not “critique,” or “review.” Instead, we seek to let the message of the book speak to us all. And you can see that our participants take the learning process seriously.

Our event is tightly scheduled. People start eating a little before 7:00am; we begin the two book synopsis presentations by about 7:25; we finish the second book presentation by 8:05; and then we give away the books and a couple of free certificates for a future session, and we get out by 8:10. Fast paced; quick, but with substantive learning. It’s a formula that has worked for over 18 years.

Here’s the question for you… what are you doing to actively participate in learning? Our event provides one opportunity where you can do just that.


If you are ever in the Dallas area on the first Friday of the month (note, the 2nd Friday of July and sometimes in January), come visit us. You can register through the home page of this website by the middle of the month before the next event.


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