The Speech Class Refresher: Speech Basics for Professionals (coming March 23, 2016)


For a number of years, Karl Krayer and I have presented training sessions on “presentation skills” within companies and organizations. We are now offering a shorter, adapted version of this in a public training offering.

This would be ideal for the professional who gives an occasional speech or presentation. It is a true “refresher.”

Date: March 23, 2016

Place: Richardson Civic Center


Morning: Content

We will have our “content” presentations (we speak to the participants, including some interaction and “practice”), covering three key elements:

Part 1 – Understanding the Basics of Clear Communication

Part 2 – How to Prepare a Speech

Part 3 – How to Deliver a Speech


Afternoon: Speech Lab

Each participant will prepare a short speech, and deliver it to the group. (We may divide into a few groups). We will video record the speech, and the participant will leave with a flash drive with the video of his/her speech. And we will “critique, evaluate, and coach” the speakers in both group and one-on-one feedback sessions.

Click here to register for The Speech Class Refresher.

And, here is the flier, with all the details.

The Speech Class Refresher
Click on image for full view

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