Maybe it’s time for Many of us to “Reset our Mindset”


successful products and strategies are quickly copied. Without relentless innovation, success is fleeting. …there’s not one company in a hundred that has made innovation everyone’s job, every day. 
In most organizations, innovation still happens “despite the system” rather than because of it.
…innovation is the only sustainable strategy for creating long-term value. 


Problem is, deep change is almost always crisis-driven; it’s tardy, traumatic and expensive. In most organizations, there are too many things that perpetuate the past and too few that encourage proactive change. The “party of the past” is usually more powerful than the “party of the future.” 
In a world where industry leaders can become laggards overnight, the only way to sustain success is to reinvent it. 

Gary Hamel, What Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation

the established set of attitudes held by someone.
a mental attitude or inclination
a fixed state of mind


New item: Head of Google Search retires, artificial intelligence chief to take over

Amit Singhal, Google’s SVP for search, is leaving the company after fifteen years. Singhal has long been in charge of Google’s flagship product, and he famously rewrote Google’s page ranking algorithm in 2001. He was also a big driver of Google’s Star Trek ambitions.
With Singhal leaving, John Giannandrea, Google’s head of artificial intelligence, is taking over the search division. Re/code is reporting that with the change, Google will merge the search and artificial intelligence divisions. 

I frequently feel I’m in over my head. Like that news item. I’m not sure I can even begin to understand the implications of what Google is doing here. The changes are coming, and I barely even know the vocabulary.

Why? Maybe because our minds are pretty set. We work they way we worked. It worked yesterday. Surely it will work tomorrow.

But what if it doesn’t – work tomorrow? But – and this is BIG NEWS; PAY ATTENTION – things are changing. In great big ways.

So, maybe it is time to change our mindset, to RESET our MINDSET, so that we can at least follow what’s going on. Maybe we need to unfix that fixed state of mind that makes up our mindset.reset-button-300x290-300x290

That phrase, “Reset our Mindset,” is one that recently hit me. Maybe it hit me as I finished reading Rise for the Robots. Maybe it hit me as I thought back over other books I’ve read, and struggled to understand, in the last couple of years.

But here’s what I think I know. If I don’t keep reading about what is new, and what is coming next, and what might be coming after that; if I do not understand what I am reading and seeing; I will be left behind very quickly.

I think I need to get serious about resetting my mindset. I’ve got a hunch you might need to get serious about this also.


Great ResetNo, I did not come up with the phrase, “reset your mindset.” But, honestly, I don’t know where I got it.  Google it, and you’ll discover that it is definitely “in the air.” Maybe it was buried in my mind from reading Richard Florida’s The Great Reset a few years ago.  Really, I don’t know how it came to me…


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