Here’s the June, 2015 New York Times Business Books Best-Sellers List – Topping the list is Elon Musk

Here is the June New York Times Business Best Sellers list. As I have often mentioned, this is the list I pay most attention to, partly because it is a once-a-month list. Weekly best-sellers lists seem to have a lot of titles appear, and then disappear, in a hurry.

Again, there are “long-timers” on this list: Outliers; The Power of Habit; Lean In; Thinking, Fast and Slow. I have presented synopses of three of these, and Karl Krayer has presented the other, at our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis event in Dallas. (Check out our synopses of these books at our companion web site,

And, the book at the top of this month’s list, Elon Musk, is my selection for the July 10 First Friday Book Synopsis. (We will shift to the second Friday forELON-COVER-BOOK-LARGE July, July 10, because of the holiday weekend).

So, here’s the New York Times list for June. Click on over to their site for a brief description of each of these best-selling books.

1 ELON MUSK, by Ashlee Vance.
2 GET WHAT’S YOURS, by Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller and Paul Solman.
3 WHEN TO ROB A BANK, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.
4 OUTLIERS, by Malcolm Gladwell.
5 THE POWER OF HABIT, by Charles Duhigg.
6 LEAN IN, by Sheryl Sandberg with Nell Scovell.
7 THINKING, FAST AND SLOW, by Daniel Kahneman.
8 TEAM OF TEAMS, by Stanley McChrystal with Tantum Collins, David Silverman and Chris Fussell.
9 DEALING WITH CHINA, by Henry M. Paulson Jr..
10 MONEY: MASTER THE GAME, by Tony Robbins.

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