Time for a Moment of Honest Clarity – You May Not Actually Ever Read these Books that Could Really Be Helpful

(Note:  if you actually read all the books you want/intend to read, then good for you, and read no further.  For the rest of us…)


There are times when a little clarity hits us pretty strongly.

Like – when a particular pair of slacks seems especially tight, and I realize that my battle with my weight is not one I am winning.

And… when I look at my messy/cluttered desk, and realize that my battle against clutter is also not one I am winning.

Here’s another one. Which books have you purchased, intending to read, and you have not yet read? You know, that stack of guilt that you find staring up at you and never quite going away.

I thought of this as I read this month’s New York Times Business Books Best-Sellers list. On the list is four titles that have lingered, or reappeared, month-after-month. Here are the four titles: Outliers, The Power of Habit, Lean In, and Thinking, Fast and Slow.

still on this month's best sellers list
still on this month’s best sellers list

Each of these books is worth reading. Important, even.

Recently, in a survey of CEOs of the Fortune 500, they named two books as the most important business books they have read: Good to Great, and Outliers.

And, is there a more important book than Thinking, Fast and Slow? Daniel Kahneman, in identifying two ways of thinking about the way we think, has provided a way of understanding the world that I see referenced in other books and articles time and again.

And, who among us does not need to build good habits, and overcome bad habits? The Power of Habit can really help in that pursuit.Power of Habit

And, Lean In addresses the ongoing (not-really-shrinking) gap for women in the workplace. There are simply not enough women in the top spots.

So… four books, plus many more, that you might have on your own “stack of guilt.”

May I make a suggestion? It may not be easy to accept. But, here’s the suggestion – if you have not read these by now, you may not actually ever get them read.

sheryl-sandberg-book-lean-in-1But, it would be a good thing to know more about what is in these books, wouldn’t it?

I’ve got a better-than-nothing solution. (Actually, it’s a pretty good solution). We have presented synopses of these four books, and many, many others, at our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis. And our synopses are available to purchase at our companion site, 15minutebusinessbooks.com. You can purchase these synopses, and in 15-17 minutes, listen to the recording of our presentations while following along with our comprehensive handouts. (You can even listen as you drive – although, you obviously can’t quite follow along with the handouts as you drive…)

We’ve been preparing and presenting these synopses every month since April, 1998 — longer than 17 years. And, in my opinion, over the years we’ve gotten better at we do.  (Just compare our handouts from earlier years to our more recent handouts…). You can read about our monthly Dallas-based event in this terrific article by Cheryl Hall in the Dallas Morning News, from May of this year:  Dallas consultants are ghost readers for the business set.

Why not give one of our synopses a try? And then, if it works for you, tackle more of our synopses for some of those other books in your stack of guilt.

I presented the synopses of Outliers, Lean In, The Power of Habit, and my colleague Karl Krayer presented Thinking, Fast and Slow. We haveThinking, F&S many, many more synopses available, including, among many others:

Steve Jobs
Becoming Steve Jobs
Great by Choice
No One Understands You and What to Do About It
Procrastinate on Purpose
Knowing Your Value
Exponential Organizations
and many, many others…

So, click on over to 15minutebusinessbooks.com, and give one of our synopses a try.

15minadOf course, it would be better if you actually read the books. But, there may be one, or two, or a dozen, that you might have to face the fact you will never actually get around to. We can help you at least understand the key content from these books. And, in the process, you will likely learn something that will help you succeed more fully in your own business endeavors.


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