Summer Business Book Reading – And, the First Friday Book Synopsis as a Professional Association

{I think I will be back to a more normal blogging schedule starting today. It’s been a fully-scheduled few weeks away from my computer, making regular posting quite a challenge. But, back at it…}

A couple of thoughts for a Monday.

#1 – Have you prepared your summer business-book reading list?

There’s always the next new book to read…

I just read this article: 20 business books to read this summer from the World Economic Forum web site. It is a good list! From this list of 20 titles, I’ve presented synopses of two at our First Friday Book Synopsis event, and a third is my selection for July:

Elon Musk, is my selection for July.
No One Understands You and What to Do About It by Heidi Grant Halverson was my June selection.
Bold by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler was my April selection.

And at least three other titles from this list are on my radar for upcoming months.

So, as you map out your summer reading (from the article, these books will make you smarter about business while you’re waiting in the airport or lying on the beach”), choose a couple and get started.

By the way, you can purchase my synopses of Bold and No One Understands You, and many, many other titles, at our companion web site, Each synopsis comes with a comprehensive handout, plus the audio recording of my presentations. My synopsis of Elon Musk will be available on our site by the end of July.

#2 – The First Friday Book Synopsis could be a valuable “professional association” for you.

One of our long-time participants, Jeff Bracken (a Malcolm Baldrige Examiner and Quality Expert consultant) has listed his participation at our event as one of his professional association connections. From his web site:

First Friday Book Synopsis (
Jeff enjoys staying current with leading business books through the First Friday Book Synopsis sponsored by Karl Krayer and Randy Mayeux with the Creative Communication Network.

Jeff finds his attendance and participation at our event to be valuable enough to share with others. I think you might find the same value. Each of our monthly gatherings provides the key content from two useful & valuable business books ( I present one book, and my colleague Karl Krayer presents the other selection), along with great conversations with a room full of business professionals, all in a setting with great atmosphere and a wonderful breakfast buffet. Come join us.

(We do not have official “membership.”  Just show up, learn, and share…)



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