Use Your Voice Effectively; Speak TO YOUR AUDIENCE – It Always Comes Back to the True Speaking Basics

I’m spending two days of training with seven credit union professionals. The subject — presentation skills.

{a side issue – I am reminded that I cannot do two things at once. For example, I cannot lead a training session and write a blog post at the same time).

Here are a couple of observations from these two days. Assuming you have something worthwhile to share with your audience…

#1 – To speak effectively, learn to speak your words clearly, say them loud enough to be heard easily, and learn to emphasize key words with verbal punch. (In other words, never speak in a monotone). Though we have worked on and practiced gestures, eye contact, body movement, it is the voice that is the biggest tool in the speaker’s arsenal.

#2 – To speak effectively, learn to speak TO YOUR AUDIENCE. Do not speak to your notes, to a screen, to PowerPoint slides, or to the “air” or wall around the audience. Speak to your audience. Connect and engage with and to the audience members, one audience member at a time.

I could make many more observations, but as these two days showed me (again), these two are especially significant and important.

As you speak, how well are you mastering these challenges?



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