Adding Credits, not Debits, to your Brand’s “Account” – Insight from Steve Jobs

For those of you who are branding experts, you know this. But for those who are maybe not as knowledgeable on the subject of “branding,” this is a good reminder.

steve-jobs-5It comes from the book Becoming Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs embraced the marketing adage that every single moment a consumer encounters a brand—whether as a buyer, a user, a store visitor, a passerby seeing a billboard, or someone simply watching an ad on TV—is an experience that adds either credits or debits to the brand’s “account” in his imagination.

Credits – or debits – to your brand’s account. Every single exposure, every single interaction, adds one or the other.

So, look at your own brand. You do have one, by the way. Are you adding credits, or debits, with the ways you communicate, the ways you interact? Every interaction adds or subtracts.

In fact, one impression I’ve gotten from reading Becoming Steve Jobs is that he was the brand ambassador/defender/protector par excellence.

Good reminder!


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