The Challenge: Get Started on the Next Next before you Even Go to Market with Your Current Next – (Insight from Becoming Steve Jobs)

(I will present my synopsis of Becoming Steve Jobs this Friday, May 1, at the May First Friday Book Synopsis).

Becoming Steve JobsI am deeply into the unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs, Becoming Steve Jobs. It certainly adds much to my understanding of this genius of a man from what I have previously read.

Here is a telling passage about the need for continual innovation. It is a description about the world of Moore’s-Law-driven perpetual innovation:

Computers were systems that blended three key underlying technologies that all were in a state of perpetual and rapid change—semiconductors, software, and data storage

As soon as a computer company had breathed life into one new system, it had to buckle down and start all over again in order to outdo itself before some other Promethean company reconfigured newer versions of these ever-improving technologies and stole its fire. And it would have to do so over and over again, generation after generation. In fact, it soon became clear that it was smart business for a company to start work on the product that would render obsolete its latest and greatest offering well before the first one even made it to market.

This was (and is) of course the challenge for Apple, and all other tech-based companies.

So, what about your business, your arena? What changes are coming faster than you can keep up with? Those changes – changes you might see coming, and many others you have no idea are coming — are coming, for sure…


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