Problem: Too Much to Learn from Too Many Books; Solution: Randy Mayeux, Karl Krayer, and – (And, an Internet Radio Program Note)

I just read all three and feel like I power-read the books…
(A reader of three of my book synopsis handouts)


So, a top-notch business consultant regularly reminds me that companies and leaders only hire people to solve problems.   They don’t buy products – they buy solutions.

I get that.

So, here’s a problem.

You need to learn some things.
There are too many books to read from which you can learn some of these needed new things to learn.
You simply don’t have time to learn all that you need to learn, from the books, and from other sources.

And, the problem gets worse because we all read so much that we really can’t remember all that we read.

And, even if we can remember what we read, we can’t always figure out the most important lessons and takeaways from the books we do actually read.

So, if this is a problem – and, it is – and if it is your problem, I have a solution.

15minadCarve out 15-17 minutes, once a week, to take a pretty good dive into the key thoughts of a best selling business book with

Though there are plenty of people and companies providing business book summaries, I am partial to… our approach.

I have read books my whole life! And I have read business books my entire adult life. And, I have presented synopses of the best business books I’ve read, one new synopsis every month, since April, 1998.

Along with my colleague Karl Krayer, we each present a different business book monthly at our event in Dallas, the First Friday Book Synopsis. We make the recordings of our presentations, along with our comprehensive handouts, available at our companion site,

So, yes, you can read the books on your own. Or, you can choose one of the business book summary offerings. Or, you could just read good reviews of such books.

But, if your problem is this problem: “I really wish I knew what was in these books, so that I could put the lessons and takeaways into practice!” – then give our a try. I think we might solve a problem for you!


Zidle-player-wideProgram note: Marcia Zidle, of The Business Edge, is interviewing me for her weekly internet based program. (It will air today, March 11, 2015). After it airs, it is available to listen to at your convenience by clicking here. Throughout the one-hour program, I talk about the best business books I’ve read. Check out the link, and give it a try.

Here’s the program description:

We function in a “fast; quick; faster than that” era. We barely have time to read Tweets, much less blog posts, and essays, and case studies. Books? We’re simply too busy. They belong in yesteryear’s learning stacks. But, hold on — not so fast, says Randy Mayeux who has been one-half of the First Friday Book Synopsis team, presenting one new business book briefing each month since 1998. Big issues call for deep understanding. The best business books allow us to probe in in-depth ways, put those issues into greater context, and then dive more deeply for those much-needed solutions. The study of good business books will help you become more ready, more fully equipped, to tackle the challenges of this ever-changing business environment. He will answer which books are best and how do we identify the best book for the pressing issue and challenge of the hour.

And, if you will look carefully at this graphic, you will see the major “Vital Signs: for Organizational Health.”

click on image for full view
click on image for full view









On the program, Marcia Zidle and I discuss the best books for each of the issues pictured in the circles of this graphic…


(And, check out my e-book, 12 Vital Signs of Organizational Health).12_vital_signs_to_organisational_health_2D_cover











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