Grisham’s Newest Book Cries For the Sequel We Don’t Want

John GrishamI will admit to you that I enjoyed John Grisham‘s newest book.  I finished it before Christmas.

But, I was also very disappointed in him.  It simply screams “there will be a sequel.”  It is unlike every other book he has ever written.

The book is called Gray Mountain (Doubleday, 2014).  It is about a young female New York attorney, Samantha Kofer, who finds new work and a new life in rural Gray Mountain CoverVirginia.

I only read the customer reviews on after I wrote this post.  In general, these are vicious.  I don’t think the story is that bad, and I don’t think it’s boring.  Maybe it has just enough sex to keep me interested.  But, I do join others who criticize the book for the low-quality ending.  Just finish the story, John.  Move on to the next book.

In summary, to find out what happens, you will have to buy the next book.  That has never been the case for Grisham, who has penned so many best-sellers over the years, and which have found their way to the big screen through adaptation.  Who has ever forgotten The Firm?

You won’t find this one moving to film.  At least, not until we know the ending.

9 thoughts on “Grisham’s Newest Book Cries For the Sequel We Don’t Want

  1. Yes totally agree. I’ve read Serra of his books which were excellent but just need to have an eding. The story itself was excellent couldn’t put it down.

  2. Oh he must write a sequel Samantha needs to negotiate with the guy with the jets. Set up the office in Brady start that romance marriage and kids she said she had planned in the future. She’s not getting younger. The oil company’s got to stop. I felt left hanging. I enjoyed the book until the end. I am an advice reader and there has only been three of hi books I did not enjoy.

  3. Please tell us what has happened to Samantha and the rest of the stories from COAL COUNTRY!!! I.e Grey Mountain!!!!

  4. I enjoyed listening to the audio version of the novel. The character development was a bit odd to me and didn’t always paint a clear and positive view of some of the main players. Some progressions seemed pretty disjointed. But overall liked it enough to have gotten to this page by looking for a sequel. I definitely want to read more of this adventure!

  5. Definitely need to finish this book! Come on Counselor, It’s a timely book given the current efforts to reinvigorate the coal industry! People have short memories! The story is a good one, and a true to life one. People not from coal country need to be enlightened!

  6. The most frustrating read ever (although I thoroughly enjoyed the book and leaned lots about mining). Hate all the loose ends. Sequel required immediately!!

  7. There are simply too many loose ends at the conclusion of Gray Mountain. Nothing feels resolved except Donovan’s murder, but even that feels hollow.

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