Create and Host your Own Mini-Seminar, with Synopses from

If this is a time for life-long learning… If, as Peter Drucker says, the only real job security comes from your own ability to learn… if staying current, and ahead of the curve really matters… then ask yourself this simple question: What are you, personally; what is your company, and the team members in your company; doing to stay current, to stay head of the curve?

You and your team need to learn some stuff; to “get away to think about big-picture issues.” …Or, you and your team need to tackle a specific area of need.

But, getting away costs plenty – plenty of money, plenty of time.

Or… maybe you have a need to do some personal “catching up” just for yourself.

We have a creative, simple, affordable alternative to one of those costly seminars.

Select 3-5 of our book synopses, listen and follow along together, (or, by yourself), and have your own “what do I/we learn from this” conversation.

So many books synopses to choose from
So many books, and book synopses, to choose from

Each month at the First Friday Book Synopsis, we present synopses of two useful, important business books.  (We’ve been holding these sessions since April, 1998). We prepare multi-page, comprehensive handouts.  And we record our presentations (15-17 minutes, usually).

You can purchase these from our companion site,  You receive our handouts, plus the audio recordings.

So, gather around your conference table, hand out the handouts, listen to the recordings, and then discuss the implications for your company.

Here’s a sample mini-seminar on “Let’s think About Innovation Challenges”:

Order our synopses for:

The Second Machine Age
Accelerate (XLR8)
Zero to One
How Google Works 
Exponential Organizations

In a two-three hour mini-seminar, you can learn the key content of these books, and have a great team conversation.

(You can of course, peruse our catalog, and put together your own mini-seminar).

You might want to read this blog post, 12Vital Signs of Organizational Health, to get some ideas of “areas” to tackle for your own mini-seminars.

Give it a try.  Click here to visit our site,


(Yes, I am aware that going to an actual seminar provides great interactions, the “networking” that is so critical to business success. This “create your own mini-seminar” can’t provide or replace that aspect of a good seminar. But, it can provide content from the very best business books, and that might be enough to get your juices flowing!).



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