LeBron James Spent his Off-Season Reading the Latest Leadership Books – How Are You Keeping Up?

LeBron reads more than just The Hunger Games
LeBron reads more than just The Hunger Games

Here’s a news item. During the off-season, Lebron James felt like he had to learn how to be a better leader. (From an article in Business Insider), LeBron James Is Hyper-Aware Of Body Language After Spending The Summer Researching Leadership Styles:

LeBron got really into management strategies this summer, including the importance of body language:
“He has read several books on management styles and believes he must carefully monitor his body language so as not to discourage young players.”

we have synopses of many good business books available
we have synopses of many good business books available

So, you are a leader in your organization. You need to stay on top of the latest business ideas. Like everyone around you, you have too many meetings, too many appointments, too many tasks… and the idea of reading even a representative sample of the valuable and useful business books is just a little overwhelming. You need to become a better leader; you want to learn how to do that part of your job better; but you really have trouble carving out enough time to read.

If only you had the luxury of a LeBron James, with a true off-season…

I just talked to an executive coach who recommends our 15minutebusinessbooks.com synopses to his clients. He said that the people he coaches want to learn, but they simply do not have the time to read the latest books. But being exposed to the ideas in these books stimulates their thinking, and makes them more effective. Thus, in his view, the need for services like our 15minutebusinessbooks.com is already a big need, and will only grow.

We have presented synopses of many of the best selling business books for over 15 years, including Steve Jobs; Lean In; Accelerate; Focus; and Peter Thiel’s Zero to One and Walter Isaacson’s The Innovators will soon to be added to our site.

Click here to check out our synopses. Just a few minutes invested by listening to our audio presentations while following along with our handouts will help you “catch up and keep up.”


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