A Book to Help Men Get Less Angry

I am an angry man.  You do not deserve to know why.  It would exceed the allowable word count for our blog.

Are you angry also?

You can great comfort from a book by Bill Perkins entitled When Good Men Get Angry (Carole Stream, IL: Tyndale, 2009).  I have found this book useful, although ultimately, I will likely need more than this.  But, itWhenGoodMenGetAngryCover is a push in the right direction.  Maybe it will be that for you also.

In his own words, Perkins explains why he wrote this book.  Click the link on this line to read more.

The purpose of the book is to provide men with the insight needed to process and express their anger as Jesus would. With that in mind I read every book I could find on anger. I then identified the six key anger issues and provide the reader with an understanding of each of them. By using real life counseling/coaching sessions I provide the practical insight needed to understand the source of anger and how to successfully deal with it. While it’s a short book, every word is important and I think the reader will glean life-changing insights.

The book features numerous “Stories of Anger,” each with a chapter devoted to it.  The major themes of the book are:

  • identity
  • respect
  • control
  • pride
  • forgiveness
  • blessing
  • responding

One of these, on respect, is entitled “The Man Who Withheld Sex From His Wife.”  Interesting.  I really never thought about that, but I suppose it happens.  A later book he wrote is called Why Naked Women Look So Good:  Understanding a Woman’s Deepest Needs(New York:  AudioInk, 2013).  I have no idea how many copies that one has sold, but I will add it to my “read someday” list.  Should I put a book cover over it?  If you’re curious, here’s why he wrote that one, taken from Amazon.com:

By identifying eight vital needs of a woman, and showing a husband how to meet them, Perkins provides guidance to help a man become irresistible to his wife and for living more creatively and sensitively. Chapters are organized into three parts for easy reference. The first part provides one reason why naked women look so good. The second part identifies what need this reveals in a man’s wife. And in the third part, simple steps are provided to help a man love his wife in a way that strengthens her self-image, builds her confidence and allows her to more freely give herself to her husband—both emotionally and sexually.”NakedWomenCover

Who is Bill Perkins?  I found this biography from his web site (www.billperkins.com).

BillPerkinsPictureBill Perkins’s wit, insight, and penetrating stories make him a sought-after speaker for corporate and Christian groups. He has conducted business and leadership seminars across the country for companies such as Alaska Airlines and McDonald’s. Bill has appeared on nationally broadcast radio and television shows, including “The O’Reilly Factor.” He addresses men’s groups around the world and has conducted chapels for major league baseball teams.

Bill served as a senior pastor for 24 years and is the founder and CEO of Million Mighty Men. He is a graduate of the University of Texas and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Bill has authored or collaborated on 22 books, including the best selling Six Battles Every Man Must Win and When Good Men Are Tempted. He also wrote 6 Rules Every Man Must Break, the Jesus experiment, and When Good Men Get Angry. Bill coauthored the business book Give ‘Em the Pickle!,and the Handbook to Leadership.

He and his wife, Cindy, live near Portland, Oregon. They have three adult sons and two grandchildren.

Perkins sounds like a fine guy.  And, the book I am reading is neither ultra-religious, nor ultra-psychiatrist or counselor.

You will just see yourself in the stories.  Sometimes, being angry is pretty silly.

Let’s hope all of us afflicted with anger get over it.  I hope I do.  The world will be a better place.


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