Think, Plan, Do – (insight from Patrick Thean’s book, Rhythm)

Here’s one secret to success. Once you know what to do, get to it and get it done.

As close as I can tell, business success (ok – any kind of success) requires these two steps.

Decide what to do.
And then, do it well.

You can use lots of fancy vocabulary for this process, like:

Strategic Thinking
Strategic Planning

But it always boils down to this:

Decide what to do.
And then, do it well.

Once you decide what to do, you can focus on that – and not focus on anything else.

My job includes reading books in order to prepare a synopsis of that book. Sometimes I really agonize over “what book to choose” next. But once I’ve selected the title, then my job is easy because I now know what to do.  

I have to read the book.
I have to prepare the synopsis.

Decide + do…

rhythm_book_cover_like_bookDan Weston (certified Gazelle’s coach) has put me onto the new book by Patrick Thean, Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth. Mr. Thean has come up with a really simple formula – simple to grasp, but demanding when it comes to putting into practice. He says that successful companies have to implement 3 Key Rhythms to Execute Well. From his book:

#1 — Think Rhythm: a rhythm of strategic thinking to create focus for the future of your business.
#2 – Plan Rhythm: a rhythm of execution planning to let all teams and individuals know what they are supposed to do.
#3 – Do Rhythm: A rhythm of doing the work to keep the plan on track.

Think — Plan — Do.

Maybe new or different words, but a good, quickly graspable vocabulary.

To succeed you have to

Decide what to do.
(Plan how you will do it)
And then, do it well.

Think — Plan — Do

Simple, isn’t it?

But plenty of folks leading and working in companies, and on projects, and on programs, sure do seem to get it wrong…



Click on image for full view.
Click on image for full view.

Gazelle’s Systems, through their coaching, tools, and software, is using this “rhythm” approach to help take companies to a higher level of success.  This image comes from their web site.



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