First you demolish the old; then you make the change toward the new – Insight on Persuasion from Chris Anderson, TED Talks

Chris Anderson TED Book CoverIf explanation is building a brand-new idea inside someone’s mind, persuasion is a little more radical. Before construction, it first requires some demolition. 1240    
Persuasion means convincing an audience that the way they currently see the world isn’t quite right. And that means taking down the parts that aren’t working, as well as rebuilding something better. 
Chris Anderson, TED Talks: The Official TED Guild to Public Speaking


We believe. and/or accept, and even cling to, so many things that are being proven wrong all around us.

And, we are so quick to reject new insight, no matter how clear the arguments are, if it requires a change in how we think, or feel, or act.

Such is the essence of persuasion. We have to say no before we can say a new yes.

And, we have to say to ourselves. “I will now say no to this way of thinking, or acting, or feeling, in order to get to a better place.” In other words, all persuasion is self-persuasion.

And, we have to help others say that for themsleves. We have to help them “demolish” the old in order to have any possibility of getting to the new.

Of all the insights in the book TED Talks by Chris Anderson, this may be as big as any.

Learning to demolish well – starting with me, myself and what I need to demolish – this is a truly big challenge!


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