Dual Career Communication Workshop on August 28 – and new a New Blog Post

If you and your partner both work, we have a terrific event for you on Sunday, August 28.  It is our Dual Career Couples Communication Workshop.

The workshop begins with lunch at 12:00, and the session lasts from 1:00-5:00 p.m.  We do this in Schreiber Hall at First United Methodist Church – Garland.

You and your partner will take your communication to the next level, with our skilled facilitators, activities, and conversations.  This is very practical, but also fun.  You and your partner will have a great time.

The fee is only $75, which includes lunch, workbooks for both partners, and facilitation.  Our CCN facilitators are Karl J. Krayer, Ph.D., Randy Mayeux, and Carmen Coreas.

You register through www.firstfridaybooksynopsis.com.  Go to the orange starbust that says Register, and then click to see our event.  You can pay with any major credit or debit card.

We will send you an electronic flier that includes the agenda.  Just make the request at info@creativecommnet.com, or call Karl Krayer at (972) 601-1537.

One our CCN facilitators for the workshop, Carmen Coreas, writes a spiritual blog.  She has CarmenStraightHair2a new post up today, entitled “Sufficient Grace.”  You can read the post by clicking HERE.  Ms. Coreas is a featured speaker this weekend at the NAACP Drug Prevention Resources conference, where she will present her keynote address, “The War Off Drugs,” in three concurrent sessions.



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