Gabriel Allon tackles ISIS in Daniel Silva’s The Black Widow – I can’t wait!

The Black WidowNear the end of 2014, I was a guest on the Krys Boyd Think program (90.1, KERA). The topic – the best books of 2014. I was the “business book” voice. But she asked me what I like to read for fun. Tough question. I read too many books for “work,” though I do enjoy many-to-most of those books. So, not a lot of time for reading for fun…

But I’m pretty sure that I mentioned the name Daniel Silva as my current “fun” read. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I went to hear Daniel Silva speak (in an interview format) at the Jewish Community Center here in Dallas.  (A very large turnout, by the way!). If you are not aware, his main character is Gabriel Allon, and we all received an autographed copy of his newest (the 16th) Gabriel Allon novel, The Black Widow.

I’ve read about ten of the Allon books. And I will tackle The Black Widow after I finish The Rembrandt Affair, #10 in the series. (No, I have not read them in order…).

Mr. Silva is a careful researcher, and his interview dealt with issues as far-ranging as art restoration (the fictional Allon’s cover is as a restorer of fine art), the recent terrorist attacks in France, and the long-term survival of Israel.

Apparently The Black Widowtakes the issue of ISIS head on,” according to one Amazon reviewer.

So, consider this post as a paean to the writing of Daniel Silva. If you have not yet discovered Gabriel Allon, I am tempted to ask The Rembrandt Affair Silvajust where have you been; but will simply say that he is worth discovering.

Two moments in the interview: one, Mr.. Silva said that more than one woman has told him she would leave her husband in a heartbeat to be with Gabriel Allon.

And the other – and this is really hopeful news – there may be a small-screen version of Gabriel Allon coming soon. One can hope!!!


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