Does Soft Skill Training Work? Of course it does; for a few – (Remember the bell curve!)

The term ‘management development’ means the same general thing is ‘management training.’ It’s the idea of making managers better at their jobs. We already know from research that this doesn’t happen very much.
Ted Bauer, Management development is hot garbage



So, for a Saturday morning, let’s ask again a question that is often asked: “Does training work?” Especially, does “soft skill training” work?

The answer is a resounding yes.

For some.

But, not for everybody.

Maybe not even for very many.

But, the “some” are worth the effort…

We’re back to the old bell curve. If a company puts on a training program, and all the people who “should” attend do attend, then you ask: “how many will be helped?” And the answer is “a few.” A few that are “teachable, trainable,” willing to implement what they have learned. — In other words, the “good students.”

In other words, the ones at the good end of the bell curve.

It’s much more an issue of “who is trainable?” than it is an issue of “does training work?” And, to help the “trainable” people reach their greater potential, a company has to provide enough training to make it possible for those trainable to take advantage of the training.

So, if your company is not offering training in the soft skills, there are some folks who are trainable who will go “undeveloped.” And, that is a missed opportunity.

So, yes, offer training in soft skills. And expect it to really help some of your folks. And rejoice and be happy for those who are helped, and what they end up bringing to the overall success of your company.

And don’t shout at the wind about those who don’t actually get better after such training. It has always been so, hasn’t it?…

not so trainable
not so trainable

Remember the bell curve!


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