We Will Always be in School; and that’s a Good Thing – (Maybe you could benefit from our Speech Class Refresher)

Let’s face it. We will all always be in school. And that’s a good thing.

Randy Mayeux, Phillip Crocker, Karl Krayer at Resource One
Randy Mayeux, Phillip Crocker, Karl Krayer at Resource One

Yesterday, Karl Krayer and I led an engaged group of learners at Resource One Credit Union in our Speech Class Refresher: (Speech Basics for professionals – for those who forgot everything they learned in speech class; or, for those who never took speech to begin with). This is a one-day “crash course,” that goes from logos, ethos, pathos, and mythos all the way to voice inflection and gestures.

Phillip Crocker, the “Director of Cultural Enhancement” for Resource One is the good, right kind of task-master. He was a full participant in the class, and then as we completed the day’s training, he informed the group that they would meet in the next three months, and each participant would have to give a 15 minute speech that they would all critique and evaluate. In other words, Phillip knows the truth: one class does not subject mastery make.

They have a whole array of training going on at Resource One. While we met in the front room, another group was in a back room, all on computer monitors, learning together. And, as we cleared out after our session, the room was quickly re-configured for the next class which started just 30 minutes after we finished our full-day training.

In other words, this building is a school house for Resource One professionals.

And so it goes for all of us. Right now, I’m tackling a new software (to me) to help me in my own work. And, as readers of this blog know, I read a minimum of two new books a month, quite carefully, and prepare comprehensive, multi-page handouts for the synopses I present of these books. So, I learn, and I help others learn. We are all in school together.

This truly is a life-long learning era. Because, we never learn it all, and even as we try to keep up, there is the next new thing to learn coming at us day after day.

So, yes, we are all still in school. And that’s a good thing. It takes a team of learners to build a company, to build a society, and to build a life, one life at a time.

———————The Speech Refresher

Do you have a group that needs our Speech Class Refresher in your organization. (My guess is… yes, you do). Click here to send me a direct e-mail, and let’s talk about what our class has to offer.


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