Getting Better Costs a Little – But Can Pay Off in Big and Important Ways

What are you willing to pay to …further your career, make more money, make a greater difference?

I’ve had a thought…

I have invested a bunch of money purchasing my “tools,” and more money on getting better at what I do.

In addition to the obvious – a university education at three different universities, many seminars and workshops over the years, multiple computers and iPads and iPhones, and scanners, and… – I’ve paid individuals to show me how to do things, and to help me do things. And, oh yes, I’ve purchased literally thousands of books over the years. (And, I’ve purchased the appropriate clothing for work, and… the list is long, and seemingly endless).

In other words, it costs money to stay current, to try to stay ahead, to keep trying to do a good job at what I do. (And, I still have much more to learn, and much more need for improvement)

Recently, more than once, I’ve provided training for people who are willing to (maybe, smart enough to) invest time and money to prepare for one key presentation. In other words, they were about to make a presentation that could be worth money in their pocket, an increase in business, and a brighter future.

And they figured out that a small investment up front might pay off in a pretty big way if they did a better job at preparing and delivering that key presentation.

Now, this is not a new insight. You know, the old “people should spend money to make money” wisdom of the ages. But it is important. And it requires some pretty honest self-assessment.

You have to realize, and acknowledge to yourself:

  • I need to be good at this
  • I’m not very good at this – in fact, I’m practically bad at this
  • I can get better at this with the right help and coaching, and my own follow-up work.

So, in simple terms, people hire me to help them get better at what they do.

The Speech RefresherThis is true with our Speech Class Refresher course. This is true with the other training programs we offer.

And, this is true with our site. It can be a career boost to know what is in the latest business books. It is a better career boost to learn what is in these books, and put what you learn into practice.

I can’t do much on the “put it into practice:” end of that formula. That’s your job, just as it is my job when I learn something new. In fact, I haven’t learned, we haven’t learned, into we put what we learn into practice.

But I can help you learn what’s in those business books – the key content, the lesson and takeaways. And we offer such insight for many, many best selling business books at our site,

So, here’s your challenge: do you need to get better at speaking? And/or, do you need to know what is in the latest good business books? It might be worth the investment of your time, and a little money, to gain such knowledge.

Maybe your need is in a different area of your work life.  If so, where are you finding the help that you need?

But, whether you pursue what we offer, or not, this is the question – are you investing time and money in getting better? If not, then you might be missing a key element in your own development.


Click here to send me a direct e-mail to inquire about a Speech Class Refresher in your company; or, to learn about our next public offering of the Speech Class Refresher.

And, click here to visit our site.


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