A few Thoughts about the Struggles of the Poor

(personal note – lately, I’ve had less “computer time” than usual. So, blogging not quite as much us normal. I should be back at it next Monday).


I presented my synopsis of Broke USA today at the Urban Engagament Book Club sponsored by CitySquare. It is about the dilemma of borrowing money by those in great difficulty, with very few options.  So, they turn to payday lenders, and they pay unbelievably outrageous interest rates.

Gerald Britt of CitySquare (with many others) has worked on changing the laws about how such lenders operate, and the people working on this have brought about some needed changes, especially at the local level. Progress! But there is so much more to do.

In other words, it is very expensive to be poor – even money costs more.

So, I have a simple request – think about, read about, network about the struggles of the poor. It is an on-going struggle worthy of our attention.

Check out the Twitter hashtag #StoptheDebtTrap.


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