The Right System Can Really Help; But, No Guarantees – (insight from Mark Harris)

One thing I believe is that there’s no such thing as a system that produces great movies, only a system that allows great movies to happen once every so often. Great movies—great studio movies or great Sundance movies—are always an exception.
Mark Harris, The 2015 Movie Club – Entry 4: Creed honors the original Rocky narrative while turning it inside out—and adding some color. (from


There is no magic bullet.

Some companies, doing everything “right,” don’t succeed to the extent/in the ways they intend. Other companies, doing plenty wrong, succeed wildly.

Why? Call it luck; good timing – the right product or service at the right time… Or, for good or bad, the price fluctuation of oil may have ripple effects in places like Texas… In other words a lot can happen that can help lead to success, or can thwart such a path to success.

But, this quote above, from Mark Harris, is one I really liked. It sort of says this: get the right system, and you up your chances of success. You do not guarantee your success – but you can up your chances.

I suspect that is true for movies (Mark Harris’ article), and also for plenty of other arenas.

So – do you have an understandable, everyone-on-board-together, useful system? Good for you. It might help.

But… no guarantees.


Five Came BackNote: I began this post with a quote from an article by Mark Harris. Just fyi — Mark Harris’ book Five Came Back is one of the great reads of the last few years. Touching, informative, moving…


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