Focus; Don’t Get Distracted; A lesson from Holly Holm, and her defeat of Ronda Rousey – (&, confirmed by Navy SEALs)

Don’t get distracted.
You have a job to do – do it, and it alone…

We all know this advice. It is a primary message from Extreme Ownership, the book by two former Navy SEALs. And, maybe, it is the explanation for the Holly Holm knockout of Ronda Rousey.

(Disclaimer – I know nothing about UFC fighting.  But, it’s been pretty hard to miss this news).

Down goes Rousey
Down goes Rousey

I can’t find the link, but in one of the articles I read, this was the observation: Ronda Rousey has been on talk shows, in magazines, pretty much everywhere… She was pulled in many directions; she was distracted.

Holly Holm, on the other hand, has been training; training specifically to fight Ronda Rousey. Her coach developed a specific plan to beat Ronda Rousey; her game plan was solid; she trained for that game plan, every day, specifically practicing the moves that would lead to her win, for six months, with no distractions; and she executed. In other words, it worked.

Don’t get distracted.

Yep… still pretty good advice.


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