You’ve Got Millennials On Your Sales Team (or, will soon) – L’areal Lipkins of Acuity Systems can help you work with them more effectively

Here’s a rather obvious observation: people who work on the same thing over the long haul are generally much more knowledgeable than those who just dabble.

The folks at Sandler Training (Acuity Systems) do not dabble!

Yes, they are our sponsor for 2015. But we were glad to welcome them as our sponsor, because we know and respect their work. They know what they are doing!

So, if you need any sales training, or some kind of shot in the arm, or help… (and, if you are like me, you do need a little such help), then check out Sandler Training (Acuity Systems).

And, especially if you are in the Dallas area, check out their upcoming August 25th morning session on:

Leading the Next Generation of Sales People.

This session is focused on hiring and retaining and working with the sales talent to be found among millennials. I think it will be worth your time, and really help you understand these millennials among us.

L'areal Lipkins, Acuity Systems
L’areal Lipkins, Acuity Systems

This session will be led by L’areal Lipkins, Managing Partner at Acuity Systems, and a millennial herself. Read about her on the flier below – she does indeed know plenty worth learning.

(How come they aren’t giving a session on understanding someone my age – yes, I’m well past these millennials they speak of!)

A good-sized group is already registered, but there is room for a few more.

Click on the flier for all the details, and click on over to their website to register.

click on image for full view
click on image for full view

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