Easy; Convenient; Fast – The Mantra for Every New Step Forward (the latest example comes from Tesla)

I’m an old guy. I remember having to walk across the room to change the channel on the television set. And, by the way, my first television was small screen, black and white, and received 3 stations. Yep, just 3.

Recently, I heard a higher-up at a travel web-site based company talk about what you have to do to compete these days. His three words were:

simple, easy, fast.

He talked about how fast your web site has to load. And, if it’s not super fast (he had figures), people go in search of a faster-loading site.

tesla-robot-snakeSo today, I read about the new “snake” charger for Tesla: Tesla’s Robot-Snake Will Charge Your Car And Give You Nightmares. Click over to read about it; watch the video below; and ask yourself – how could it get any easier? (And, by the way, my wife agreed: “that’s pretty creepy”). You pull into your garage, you tap some screen (or, probably, just say the works aloud: “ready to charge”), and voila – the snake attaches to and charges your car.

But, notice the trend: you won’t even have to plug in the charger anymore. That would be way too hard; way too inconvenient.

 Easy; convenient; fast. That’s the ball game!



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