Uncontainable, by the CEO of the The Container Store; and Unmade in China – Coming for the September 4 First Friday Book Synopsis

This morning, at our August First Friday Book Synopsis, we had a wonderful group (over 80 in attendance), to hear our synopses of two great books: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith, and Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal. (I’ll write a post soon, on this blog, with my lessons and takeaways from General McChrystal’s book).

We are in our 18th year of our event, and one of our regular participants (Bill Wallace, head of Success North Dallas  — a group worth checking out!), made this observation/statement to me:

“you guys never deviate from your formula. Every month, month-after-month, you provide the key content of two great business books – and you do it just like you have done it every month since I first attended.”

I like to think that we’ve gotten better; I know our handouts have gotten better looking and more appealing. (Thanks to our design partner, JVO Design). But, I think his comment captured our “secret”– we provide good, usable content from two valuable business books, month after month.

This coming month, on September 4, we continue this regular programming. Karl Krayer will present the book Unmade in China, and I will present the book by the CEO of local legend, The Container Store — Uncontainable.

In addition, we have a bonus program (8:30-9:30), led by Jennifer Shirkani, the author of EGO vs. EQ. (Each participant will receive a copy of her book).

So this will be a morning packed full of valuable, useful business insight.

Mark it on your calendar, and plan to be with us. You’ll meet some great people; you’ll eat a wonderful Park City Club breakfast; and you’ll learn some useful lessons.

(You’ll be able to register soon from this web site).

Here’s the flier with all of the details. (Click on the image for a full view).

Click on image for full view
Click on image for full view



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