Innovation Superstars: Shock Therapy for the Status Quo – (announcing our new seminar)

This is not a post about speaking. But, let me start with this:

A good speaker, an effective speaker, has to get the attention of the audience at the get-go. To fail at this is to…fail. Dr. Tom Hollihan, Professor at the University of Southern California, reduces effective speaking down to this formula: arouse, then, fulfill. (see this blog post” Arouse and Fulfill, Formula for Effective Presentations).

This wisdom is transferable. It has other vocabulary in other arenas, but it boils down to this:

Get the attention
Work toward the solution/next step.

There are a lot of folks out there in the “solutions providing” business. But before the need, the problem, the issue is identified, the solution is not all that important, is it?

Well, here’s a problem that everybody has – every person, every organization. We “know” this, but we don’t quite fully acknowledge it.

The problem: we are all adopters of, and then champions of, the status quo.

It happens so very fast. We get a new job, we settle in, our routines become set. We get very good at doing things the “old” way very, very quickly. We know that we are supposed to be continually innovative, looking for different, better ways to do things…

But we are so quick to settle in to the status quo.

And, when someone comes along with their new “solutions,” we reject them so easily, because “we don’t need solutions around here – things are just fine!”

I read a lot of books about innovators and their innovations. Every time I read one, I think – I need to get more serous about this personally.

And then, the next morning, I go right back to my set routines.

There is no power at work as powerful as the status quo!

So, I’ve created a new seminar. For me, and for you. I can bring it into a group of three, or a group of 300. It is designed for one thing, and one thing only: to get your attention. To raise your consciousness. To remind you that you, and your organization, are over-committed to the status quo. And that it’s time to shake free and break free of that over-commitment.

The title of this seminar is simple:

Innovation Superstars
Shock Therapy for the Status Quo

I draw from a number of my book synopses – from the best books about innovators and their innovations.

And the books cover a lot of innovation terrain: dancing and choreography (Twyla Tharpe); baseball (Billy Beane, via Michael Lewis); and of course, the expected ones – Steve Jobs, Ed Catmull (Pixar), Elon Musk, the full list from Walter Isaacson’s The Innovators.

Take a look at the flier (below). Think about how this seminar could “get your attention” about your own over-commitment to the status quo.

And, give me a call (my contact info is on the flier, below). Let’s talk about how this could help you shake free and break free from the status quo, in your work life, and in your organization.


Click on image for full view
Click on image for full view

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