No One Understands You by Heidi Grant Halverson & More Awesome than Money by Jim Dwyer – Coming for the June 5, 2015 First Friday Book Synopsis

I am on my way to present my synopsis of the book Becoming Steve Jobs for the May 1 First Friday Book Synopsis. Now in our 18th year for our monthly event, I love reading these books and preparing a synopsis from what I read. Each month, Karl Krayer and I each read a business book, most of which are high up on the best seller lists, and then we share our synopses with our participants.

Our participants have described our synopses with terms such as: it is “like Power Reading a business book;” it is like “CliffNotes on steroids.”

That’s just a couple of their descriptions. I know what it does for me. I read in order to learn, and then in order to share what I learn. Through the years, my approach, and handouts have evolved (and, I think, grown), so that now, each synopsis includes these two “new sections” missing from the early years:

“Why is this book worth our time?”
“Some lessons and takeaways.”

(I will post my lessons and takeaways from Becoming Steve Jobs soon on this blog).

For our June 5 First Friday Book Synopsis, we have again chosen two books worthy of a careful look.

Karl Krayer will present his synopsis of:
More Awesome Than Money: Four Boys and Their Heroic Quest to Save Your Privacy from Facebook by Jim Dwyer, Viking (October 16, 2014).

And I (Randy Mayeux) will present my synopsis of:
No One Understands You and What to Do About It by Heidi Grant Halverson, Harvard Business Review Press; (2015).

If you are in the DFW area on June 5, come join us. It is a fast-paced, great-breakfast, great-networking, great-content event.

Here’s the flier with the details.

Click on flier image for full view
Click on flier image for full view

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