How Google Works and Exponential Organizations for the January 9, 2015 First Friday Book Synopsis (Yes, the 2nd Friday of January)

We had a wonderful “last meeting of the year” gathering of the First Friday Book Synopsis this morning. Special thanks to Lin O’Neill, who presented V is for Vulnerable by Seth Godin (in Karl Krayer’s absence).

I presented my synopsis of The Innovators by Walter Isaacson. An absolutely wonderful book! I’ll post my lessons and takeaways from the book sometime this weekend.

For our first session of 2015, we have selected two important books – one a best-seller, the other a quiet sleeper, but an important and provocative book. Karl Krayer will present his synopsis of How Google Works, and I will present my synopsis of Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail. Mr. Ismail serves as the Global Ambassador for Singularity University, associated with Ray Kurzweil. It will be a future-oriented session.

{Note: Whenever a holiday conflicts, we meet on the second Friday of the month — so, we will meet on January 9 for the January First Friday Book Synopsis. We’ll have registration up and available soon. Come join us}.

Here’s the flier for the January meeting.  (Click on image for full view).

Click on image for full view
Click on image for full view

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