A Short Update about our Monthly Event, the First Friday Book Synopsis, and our 15minutebusinessbooks site

Just a short update about our monthly event, the First Friday book Synopsis.

Karl Krayer and I have presented our book synopses at the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas every month since April, 1998. 24 books a year, over 16 years.

We read business books, create multi-page comprehensive handouts, and then present our 15-17 minute synopses, following along with our handouts.

We have presented most of the best business best sellers over the last 16+ years. For the past few years, we have recorded our presentations, and made them available on our companion web site, 15minutebusinessbooks.com. When you purchase a synopsis, you receive the handout, and the audio recording of our presentations. (You can, of course, listen on your smart phone or tablet, your computer, or in your car if you hook up your phone to your sound system).

Each synopsis costs $9.99. Or, you can purchase a subscription, which gives you all the new synopses for the coming twelve months, along with all of the archived selections. In other words, the entire collection is available with a subscription.

And, one of our regular participants, Doug Caldwell, makes video recordings of many of our presentations. These are not available for purchase, but he puts “snippets” (teasers) up on youtube. These will give you a taste of each synopsis, and a feel for our event. (We meet each month at the Park City Club in University Park in Dallas. Great view of the city; really wonderful full buffet breakfast, plus their made-to-order omelet bar). You can view these videos at:

Here is the playlist for FFBS.

Here is the playlist for 15 Minute Business Books.

(Thanks, Doug).

And, of course, you can attend our monthly event. (Register here). It is an early morning breakfast meeting, 7:00 am, the First Friday of every month (except, in 2015, it will be on the 2nd Friday in January and July – holiday conflicts on the first friday).

If you want to keep up with some of the key content in the best business books, give us a try.


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