“Better” Matters as Much as “First” – thoughts on the Smartphone Battles

A few thoughts…

I admit, I have only ever used Apple. I’m a serial Macintosh user (I’ve lost count. My first was in the 80s), serial iPhone user, and I’m on my second iPad. So, I’m loyal.

But, as I read the snark that the new iPhone is 2 years behind the others, I started pondering…

Here’s what I think. In my case, I now have practically everything I need (addresses, phone numbers, received and sent emails, documents – including my book synopsis handouts) practically everywhere. Seamless access to “my stuff” matters to me. And I have that. And that access has made all sorts of tasks easier than they used to be.

Now, I admit, I don’t know if it would be as easy in other systems. I can’t imagine that it would any easier.
But as I think about the competition between companies and devices, a few thoughts…

Ease of use almost trumps everything. If it’s not easy to use, ultimately I don’t use it.

And, I suspect that “better” ultimately trumps “first.”

And, I have no idea what is coming next, and probably soon. But I know this – the added greater and faster capabilities have been absolutely breathtaking in the seven years since the iPhone was first introduced.

Remember, for the non-geeks, the internet itself is still just a teenager (Netscape came along in 1995). And, companies, and countless folks in their living rooms and garages, are working flat out to get the next advantage – so the improvements are coming in greater numbers, faster than we can keep up.

I guess we’ll see if the new iPhone is really 2 years behind. Or, if it’s better.


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