We All Need to Be Refreshed – Creatively Refreshed – on a Pretty Regular Basis (insight from Seth Meyers)

Jimmy Fallon, Seth MeyersIt is the beginning of new versions of some familiar TV shows.  Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Tonight Show.  And Seth Meyers is now taking over for Jimmy Fallon for the later hour. 

Here’s a nice read on the two of them – their strengths, their differences:  The Difference Between Seth Meyers And Jimmy Fallon by David Bauder.  It is a reminder that we should each know what we are best at, and build on those strengths. 

But this paragraph struck me especially:

Seth Meyers:  “I was on my third generation of people at ‘SNL’ but it felt like a perfect fit for me,” he said. “Other than the fact that people don’t stay there forever, there was no downside. I had never gotten bored with it. You always creatively get refreshed by the new casts. But this came up and all of a sudden you realize you’re the resident gray hair at ‘SNL’ and it makes sense to move on.”

“You always creatively get refreshed by the new casts.”  I think this is key to coming up with new ideas that feed innovation.  You’ve got to continually be refreshed.

And one way to do that is to always be interacting with new folks, and new ideas.  Conversations, projects, work tasks – no matter what you do, to do it with a new mix of people brings a new mix of ideas and approaches and strategies.  This feeds newness – this feeds innovative ideas.

So, a question: — do you feel refreshed?  Are you being refreshed?  If not, find a way to do some work with, including some serious interacting with, a new mix of talented folks.



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