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A Quote for the Day from Rachel Maddow (about Success for Women – and Everyone Else)

I’ve read three reviews of Rachel Maddow’s new book, Drift:  The Unmooring of American Military Power, and have the sample pages loaded into my iPad.  It is on my “I want to read this book list,” which is long and ever-growing…  But, sadly, I doubt that this book fits into my “I will present this somewhere” list, so it may be a while.

On The Daily Beast, Rachel Maddow’s ‘Drift’ Probes America’s Uneasy Relationship With the Military by Allison Yarrow, the article ends with this terrific quote from Maddow:

“There are many ways to envision female success. Ultimately, you don’t do anybody any favors by putting people in jobs they can’t do well in. The best way to win is to be better than everybody else,” Rachel Maddow said.

Put people in jobs that they can do well.
Be better than everybody else.

It can’t be put much more simply…  what great insight!


Here’s another good article about the book – Bullet Points:  Rachel Maddow proposes solutions to decades of American military bloat, by Emily Bazelon, from


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