November CHANGE Workshops

No matter what your circumstances, you WILL deal with change in any organization, and no matter how you want to work with it, we have you covered….

Please spread the word about our November 12-13 public workshops on change.   We hold these three workshops at theRichardson Civic Center, and to facilitate interaction among the participants, we limit seating to the first twenty persons registered for each program.  We offer an early-bird discount of 10% for all registrations paid on or before October 20.  See additional discounts at the bottom of this blog.

Our schedule and details follow:

Wednesday, November 12 – 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

MANAGING CHANGE                                      Facilitator:  Randy Mayeux

In the midst of ever-increasing change, the ability to manage your own effectiveness is now required for virtually every position in an organization.  In this program, learn how to turn change into a powerful competitive advantage, and into a friend, rather than an enemy.  Register for this program if you want to:

  • cope with change you must implement
  • work in a change-friendly environment
  • reduce personal anxiety about change
  • produce an environment of freedom
  • look for positive changes to implement
  • use change as a tool to boost productivity and effectiveness

Price:  $695.00 per person,* which includes breakfast, manual, and “work-with’s”

Wednesday, November 12 – 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Randy will brief you on four separate business books on creativity and innovation, and build on the transferable principles from these books.  Each participant receives a copy of all four books.

Part 1:  Think Creatively 

  • Identify strategies to actively seek out and hire people with diverse backgrounds and thinking styles
  • Explore steps to effectively manage resistance to novel or experimental proposals

Part 2:  Demonstrate How to Develop Processes, Products, and Services

  • Describe how to evaluate new opportunities unconstrained by existing paradigms but keeping an eye towards organizational goals
  • Identify and describe steps to maintain the organization’s competitive edge with breakthrough solutions and disciplined risks

The four books are:  (1) The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, (2) The Ten Steps of Innovation by Tom Kelley, (3) Weird Ideas That Work by Robert Sutton, and (4) Creativity, Inc., by Jeff Mauzy and Richard Harriman

Price:  $775.00 per person,* which includes lunch, manual, four books, and “work-with’s”

Thursday, November 13 –    8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

LEADING CHANGE                                         Facilitator:  Karl J. Krayer, Ph.D.

Why sit in the passenger’s seat for the next change initiative in your organization?  Instead, sit in the driver’s seat and lead it!  Your organization can maintain productivity and achieve results while in the midst of change by following three key principles to make the initiative you lead to be:  (1) inclusive, (2) systemic, and (3) systematic.  Register for this workshop if you want to:Organizing Change cover

  • take a proactive approach to an issue, problem, or opportunity
  • gain commitment by influencing others affected by a change
  • measure and evaluate the effectiveness of a change initiative
  • design a change initiative that you can implement in an inclusive, systemic, and systematic way
  • boost the positive impact of a change initiative that you organize

Each participant receives a copy of Karl’s book, Organizing Change.

Price:  $1,370 per person,* which includes breakfast and lunch, manual, CDROM template, book, and “work-with’s”



Take 10% off the listed price for all registrations received by October 20



Best value – all three workshops for $2,200 (save $540)

We offer discounts for multiple registrants from the same organization with a single payment:

  • 2nd person – receives 10% discount from the per-person price
  • 3rd person – receives 15% discount from the per-person price
  • 4th person – receives 20% discount from the per-person price
  • 5th person – receives 25% discount from the per-person price


Registration and Contact Information:

We can mail, fax, or e-Mail a registration form to you.  We are glad to answer questions from you, so please call or send an e-Mail.  The number is (972) 980-0383.  The e-Mail is:

We look forward to hearing from  you.

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