Here is the October, 2016 New York Times Business Books Best Sellers List – The Upside of Inequality is at the #1 spot

The Upside of InequalityThe New York Times Business Books Best Sellers list for October, 2016 has now been published. At the #1 spot is The Upside of Inequality. This was a fast journey to the top spot; this book was just published in September, 2016.

Some of the other books fall into the “personal productivity/live more fulfilling, productive lives” category.

We have only presented four of these selections at the First Friday Book Synopsis. (The lowest in a very long time!). I have presented my synopses of Outliers and The Power of Habit, and my colleague Karl Krayer has presented his synopses of Grit and Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Here is the New York Times list. Click here to go to the NY Times site and read brief descriptions of each of these books.

#1 — THE UPSIDE OF INEQUALITY by Edward Conard. Portfolio/Penguin
#2 — DESIGNING YOUR LIFE by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Knopf
#3 – GRIT by Angela Duckworth. Scribner
#4 – HUSTLE by Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits and Jonas Koffler. Rodale
#5 — SHOE DOG by Phil Knight. Scribner
#6 – OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell. Back Bay/Little, Brown
#7 — TOGETHER IS BETTER by Simon Sinek. Portfolio/Penguin
#8 — THINKING, FAST AND SLOW by Daniel Kahneman. Farrar, Straus & Giroux
#9 — A PERFECT SCORE by Kathryn Hall and Craig Hall. Center Street
#10 — THE POWER OF HABIT by Charles Duhigg. Random House

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