Consultant Workshop: The Sales Rollercoaster – a needed workshop led by Tom Niesen of Acuity Systems

This is a post for all the people who “work alone” – you know, independent contractors, independent consultants, people like…me.

We always have two struggles. One, to get our work done. Two, to get more work.

And, unlike working in larger companies, we don’t have a sales and marketing team.

What do we do?

Well, if you are in the DFW area, here is a date to put on your calendar. On August 31, 7:30-10:00 am, Tom Niesen and his team at Acuity Systems, have put together a morning workshop just for you – for us.

And, yes, I am attending.

It is designed to help us with our own sales in the midst of our crazy work-by-yourself world. He is calling the workshop:

Consultant Workshop:
The Sales Rollercoaster

The cost is $150.00 for the workshop. (Here’s a great deal they are making to readers of this blog: send an e-mail to Brisa Castillo by clicking here, and ask for the First Friday Book Synopsis half-off special).


Here’s the flier with all the details. I hope to see you there. I think it will help you in your work. I know it will help me in mine.

Sales Rollercoaster


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