You can’t – you really can’t – do two things at once

Ok – I’m sneaking into my computer for a few minutes of work.

I like to write blog posts, and do so early every work day. I’ve been a little hit-and-miss lately. And I’m behind on e-mails, and on some reading/editing/working on projects.

Why?, you ask. Because, for the last week, I’ve taken some days off for some work on and around the house, and the last couple of days we’ve had our grandson with us. He is 18 months old — Just old enough to get into everything, and not old enough to tell us exactly what is bothering him.

These have been some good days…

So, here’s the insight. You can’t do two things at once. You can’t play ball with, read books to, and tumble with a grandson while you write a blog post or send out e-mails. Nor can you do your work-at-your-computer work when you have projects in and around the house to tackle. (You really should see our power-washed patio)…

So, next week, I should be all back to normal. Yes, I took some time to speak a time or two, and I wrote my “lessons and takeaways” blog post about Under the Affluence (posted yesterday), but this week has been a good reminder to me that you can’t do two things at once – you really can’t.


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