Laboratories of Innovation – Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray and his team of Coaches

Andy Murray, 2-Time Wimbledon Champion
Andy Murray, 2-Time Wimbledon Champion

Alternative title for this post: “It takes a team to produce a champion”

Andy Murray just won his second Wimbledon championship. I’ve loved reading about him, and his finals opponent Milos Raonic; their backgrounds, their current coaches; their “teams.”

{Side note: I went through college on a tennis scholarship. But I played in the days when rackets were made of wood, the tennis balls were white, and there was no tiebreaker. Yes, indeed, things have changed!}

I could reflect on plenty; the delicate balance between physical and mental preparation for such a championship run; the 10,000 hours it took to get to that level at all (Milos Raonic had a dad who bought him a ball machine, and with his dad, and a private lessons coach over many years, the hours added up…).

But, here’s the point of this post. We have seen a change in recent years, The top players have moved from a “a coach” to a “team of coaches.” (Or, at least, a team with multiple folks filling different roles in the “get ready to compete at the highest of the highest levels”). And this team is bringing in all sorts of innovations: call it the “big data” era for tennis excellence, with new data-driven based strategy development.

So, in sports, with such tangible outcomes readily obvious, we see constant innovation.

And that is the unstoppable wave of the future. More input, more data, more coaching, more innovation.

And, if there is one lesson for us all, it should be this: we all need the help of experts to get better at what we do. So, if we can’t hire the right coach for the specific area to work on next, we’re going to have to find alternative ways (books to read, practice sessions to attend,… whatever the skills we need to develop).

And, by the way, a big “well done you” to Andy Murray, and his coach Ivan Lendl, and his entire team. “Brilliant.”


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