Spiritual Resource for Defeating Anxiety

There are so many resources available about how to reduce stress and manage anxiety.  Sometimes, we forget that there is a spiritual resource available to us as well.

I invite you to read the newest blog posts written about this subject from a spiritual perspective by one of our part-time speakers at Creative Communication Network,  Carmen Coreas.   You can find her post about DEFEATING ANXIETY  by clicking HERE, or by pasting this link into your browser:

She writes a spiritual blog on a variety of topics that you can access HERE, or by using this link:
After you read a few of her posts, it would be a great honor to her to become a subscriber.  CarmenTowerClubDinnerPictureCroppedYou will get an e-Mail notification every time she makes a post.  To subscribe, go to the very bottom of the blog, and at the bottom, you will see a box that says “Follow Blog via e-Mail.”  Click there, type in your e-Mail, and you are finished in just a moment after you register.  You will be on the list from that point forward.  This works on mobile devices as well as on PC’s and laptops.
If you have a spiritual orientation, I invite you to check out the posts she has made so far, about a number of daily issues. You can comment with your thoughts, as well.

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