2 thoughts on “Erika Andersen on how to accelerate personal growth and professional development: An interview by Bob Morris

  1. I really like both views. Bob, I agree with you, “bad” strikes me as not a wise choice of words in most cases. But Erika’s explanation carries real punch. Kind of a “Step 1” approach: “Hi, my name is Randy, and I am a bad listener.” “Hi, Randy.” Maybe it is simply this — when the issue is important (and becoming a good listener is important for leaders), then the “slap in the face” approach — “you’re really bad at this” — is what is needed.
    This was a valuable question and response!
    Thanks, Bob — and Erika.

  2. Thank you for the comments. I still have reservations about “bad” with its connotations of evil but see her point…and yours.

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