Lead a Book Club – as Means to…

Cycle of LeadershipEncourage a variety of interactive teaching and learning opportunities. One such mechanism is the Book Club. The purpose of the book club is to “stimulate people to have a habit of looking outside the firm as well as inside.” In addition, they give people a forum for grappling with new concepts that may be complex and difficult.
Noel Tichy, The Cycle of Leadership


So, here’s the challenge. It’s not to have a book club, or a training session, or a training program, or a mentoring program, or a coaching program… – it is for people to grow, to develop, to be trained, to become more than they are now, and then become models and mentors and trainers for others.

There is such a long list of “how to accomplish this” activities. Train the trainer programs; book clubs; leadership retreats, and many more.

At at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is this – is your organization accomplishing what it intends to accomplish? And, of course, in order to do that, (the right) people have to be hired, trained, developed, perpetually challenged.

Now, I admit – I’m partial to book clubs. I think that when one spends enough time immersed in the content of good and useful books, slowly their thinking, and even their behavior, can change for the better. And then outcomes improve all around, and the organization gets closer to accomplishing what it intends to accomplish.

Anyway, the quote above by Noel Tichy is a good reminder: One such mechanism is the Book Club.” In other words, a book club as means to a greater end.

How are you developing your people? And, how are you developing… yourself? Maybe it’s time to start your own book club.


just a few of the many synopses available
…just a few of the many synopses available

There are groups who use our synopses from our companion site, 15minutebusinessbooks.com, in such “development” ways. You can order a synopsis, listen to it as a group, follow along with the handout, and then have quite a discussion about ways to put the ideas and lessons form the book into practice. We’ve got many, many good titles to choose from. Check it out.



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