It All Seems to be Getting Harder — The World Seems a Little More Unsettled

News item:
Crime is up, and back on the front page (above the fold) of today’s Dallas Morning News.
See Dallas’ murder rate up dramatically so far this year


So many things aren’t working the way they are supposed to be working.

There is lead in the water.

So many shopping malls parking lots seem to be emptier.

We’re not getting any thinner…

Crime fighting and crime reduction are not working very well at all.

Efforts to reduce the use of opioids are not working they way they are supposed to be working.

Leadership training efforts are not working the way they are supposed to be working. We seem to be making no dent in the shortage of good leadership.

Longtime companies (like Sears) seem to be in great jeopardy. The older a company is, the harder it is to create a serious-about-innovation culture.

The skills that were in demand yesterday seem to be unable to produce the same successful results that they produced in the past.

You get the idea. Everything seems so… unsettled.

At least, that is the way things seem to be. Unsettled.

Now, I suspect that some of the sense of doom and gloom is a little overstated. I live in the Dallas area. Our area is booming.

But not every part of our area is booming. And some of the problems that I’ve listed above are real — here. Take one: our crime rate, and including our homicide rate, are up – alarmingly.

But, in the midst of all this unsettledness (that VUCA world we read so much about), what do we do? We buckle down, go about our work, and do what we already know to do.

We get our work done.
We look for ways to do our work better.
We go out of our way to work effectively with our fellow team members.
We try a little harder not to mess up.
All while serving the people we serve, delivering our products and services with competence, and a little humanity.

And then, we read, and study, and think, and try to stay ahead of the curve of the next threat to our success  — both as a person (at work), and within our organizations as part of the team.


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