Uber; Lyft – A DFW Story, and an object lesson threat to so many businesses out there!

Uber and Lyft in DFW
from the Dallas Morning News article

In just six months, Uber and Lyft have become the preferred car-for-hire at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, with the ride-hailing companies now providing more trips than taxis or limousines, according to airport data.

That’s the opening paragraph in the front page article in this morning’s Dallas Morning News: Uber, Lyft become the preferred cars for hire at D/FW Airport by Conor Shine.

So, this is what happens when yesterday’s approach is supplanted by the new kid on the block.

There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle. Here are a couple:

One, it is technology enabled. The apps, the faster (almost instant) response, the clear information. It’s tough to beat!

Two, it is need driven. These companies provide a solution to all sorts of problems. Here’s one – people do not like to sit or stand around waiting for much of anything these days. If there is a way to avoid it, they will take advantage of that way. So, if you can order your ride through an app, and you know when the ride will be there, and that will be soon –very soon – you are going to sign up for such a service. One friend of mine describes this feature of Lyft; the app automatically sends the nearest car, and you know when it will arrive… Again, it’s tough to beat.

But, here’s the point of this blog post. Let’s assume that some of the taxi companies and drivers really are the best in the history of taxi companies and taxi drivers. They have worked hard to learn to do a good job; a great job. And, now, along comes the new kid on the block with a different approach, and the established excellence is no longer able to compete.

Call it what you want — destructive technologies, destructive business plans. But, ultimately, it represents a threat. And what a threat to every business out there!


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