April Synopsis Has Major Charity Sponsorship

Our April First Friday Book Synopsis features our first charity sponsorship of the year.

For the third consecutive year, Creative Communication Network is a silver-level sponsor of Running 4 Clean Water, scheduled for Saturday, April 23.  Did you know that 9,129 people a day die because they do not have access to safe water?

Last year, we gathered more than $1,000 at the book synopsis for this event.  And, our sponsored runner finished 2nd place in the 5K race.

At your place this month, you will find a card with a paper clip.  You can attach a check or cash to the card, or donate with a debit or credit card at the registration desk.  If you cannot attend, we appreciate your donation.  Please contact us at (972) 601-1537 for details on how we can obtain your contribution.

If you would like to be one of the runners in the 5K race, please contact us at info@creativecommnet.com.

Pictured below is some information about the event, and a list of accomplishments over the past five years.




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