“Question your Default” – “Generate More New Ideas, Lots More” – Good Advice from Adam Grant’s new book, Originals

Adam-Grant-cover-OriginalsAdam Grant concludes his new book Originals with a section on “Actions for Impact.” He has specific suggestions for individuals, leaders, and for parents and teachers.

His first suggestion, under “Individual actions,” is:

Question the default. Instead of taking the status quo for granted, ask why it exists in the first place.

And his second suggestion is:

Triple the number of ideas you generate. The best way to boot your originality is to produce more ideas.

Earlier in the book, he includes stories and examples that illustrate these suggested actions.

To be honest, I am feeling just a little bit embarrassed. You see, this is not the first time I’ve read such TheCreativeHabitadvice. He writes about it very well – maybe a little more clearly than some other writers – but, yes, I already know to question the status quo. And, I remember a great section in the terrific book by Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit, about the need for coming up with lots of ideas in your quest for that next best new idea.

So, yes, I “knew” this. But I just so easily fall back into the old habit of functioning in default mode, and living off of yesterday’s ideas. It takes a conscious effort to make changes. A lot of conscious effort!

So, let me remind you (and me) again, this time from Adam Grant, to “question your default,” and to start intentionally generating some new ideas on a very regular basis. Note: that’s “ideas” — plural!

I’m going to work on this. I hope you will to.


Originals is my selection for the April 1 First Friday Book Synopsis.  On April 1, we begin our 19th year of the First Friday Book Synopsis.


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